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 About Skeelhaven

​Skeelhaven was born December of 1990.  After a seemingly endless search for a new home, and after an emphatical “NO” by one of the Skeels, the Skeelhaven lore began.  It was supposed to be a bed and breakfast though that never got discussed after the purchase.  The property was a true "fixer-upper" with cleaning and repair needs everyplace you looked.  The barn fire and subsequent barn raising of 1992 set the tone for other big projects to come.
The fire prompted Craig, a civically minded young fellow, to join the township’s volunteer fire department with a plan to serve in that capacity for a couple of years at most.  Twenty two years later he is still on the department and has made it his full time employment.
Judy used the new barn to teach crafts to kids in the neighborhood.  This latter blossomed into making stuffed floppy eared rabbits then to cloth dolls.  Her doll artistry allowed her to teach nationwide.
Eleven years after the barn raising came the infamous “house raising” where a basement was built under the house.  Pictures of that undertaking can be viewed at  Other projects have included an attached garage on the front of the house and a bedroom addition on the rear as well as some extensive landscaping projects.


 How it Started